Icelandic Horse snort 00:23

Icelandic Horse snort

by vltz
2430 views, 4916 days ago

A close up video of my horse.

Girl Skipping Fast 00:13

Girl Skipping Fast

by vltz
2140 views, 4916 days ago

Video fast forwarded just for fun.

Sleepy Icelandic Horse 00:23

Sleepy Icelandic Horse

by vltz
1770 views, 4916 days ago

Horse gets other horse to get up. Big yawn.

Funny Face Photos 00:30

Funny Face Photos

by vltz
2168 views, 4916 days ago

A collection of funny faces my daughters made. Music by DCworks.

Icelandic Horse trot 00:33

Icelandic Horse trot

by vltz
2602 views, 4913 days ago

Alex riding Gat, Icelandic Horse, in the pasture. She's posting but I'm not sure if Gat is trotting.... UPDATE: I've been informed by Judy Ryder of that Gat is pacing.

Whoa 00:05


by vltz
2160 views, 4912 days ago

Just playing.

Dancer 00:14


by vltz
2011 views, 4912 days ago

Caught yah!

Shhh 00:15


by vltz
2164 views, 4912 days ago

Sneak up and scare!

Dog Festival 00:33

Dog Festival

by vltz
4429 views, 4912 days ago

Lacey the Wire Fox Terrier jumping and guest performance.

Pretty Pony 01:14

Pretty Pony

by vltz
2115 views, 4912 days ago

Video of various gaits, most pacey.

Orri Walk Little Spook 01:22

Orri Walk Little Spook

by vltz
2069 views, 4912 days ago

Alex rode Orri with a Bareback pad for the first time. He was very relaxed until he did a little spook, then went back to being relaxed until, excuse me, when you gotta go, you gotta go.......

Doesn't Want to Play Anymore 03:33

Doesn't Want to Play Anymore

by vltz
2452 views, 4912 days ago

Orri decided he didn't want to walk calmly around the pasture so Alex tried to trot with him--he didn't want to do that either. Maybe next time....

Walking the Yard 01:30

Walking the Yard

by vltz
2756 views, 4912 days ago

Alex riding Orri around the yard.

Robot Parade 01:25

Robot Parade

by astro_fanatic
4025 views, 4891 days ago

Robot Parade (July 4th weekend, 2008). Music by: They Might Be Giants For more info, check out the original posting on VIMEO:

Orange Teeth 01:08

Orange Teeth

by 5minStudio
2331 views, 4890 days ago

A dinner trick that always works This trick is so stupid but it always works.

Don LaFontaine Tribute King of Trailer Voice-Over from Trailer 02:33

Don LaFontaine Tribute King of Trailer Voice-Over from Trailer

by mbrison
2547 views, 4883 days ago

Don LaFontaine Tribute King of Trailer Voice-Over from Trailer Mashup remix

Red Standard Poodles 00:22

Red Standard Poodles

by vltz
2665 views, 4872 days ago

Two red Standard Poodle puppies checking out the office stuff.

Volvo 09:43


by ReelKid
2583 views, 4873 days ago

Volvo is about the simultaneous dissolution and creation of relationships. A husband and wife's relationship is strained by an infidelity, which threatens to tear them apart. Meanwhile, their son ...

Red Standard Poodle Puppies Walking 00:42

Red Standard Poodle Puppies Walking

by vltz
3178 views, 4872 days ago

No leash, no collar, walking around having fun.

Icelandic Ponies Meet Puppy 00:49

Icelandic Ponies Meet Puppy

by vltz
3290 views, 4867 days ago

Walking towards the pasture with my puppy I filmed the ponies who were terribly afraid of the vicious puppy......