Never Give Up: Believe In Yourself 03:01

Never Give Up: Believe In Yourself

by bcmoney
4731 views, 5524 days ago

"Never underestimate what is inside you that makes you special." The message of the video is clear. Al thougg its hard to believe this little 'moment' wasn't well planned... it was nonetheless w...

A History of Evil 05:40

A History of Evil

by bcmoney
3419 views, 5508 days ago

Animatied Documentary-Mockumentary about Evil in western civilization from Ancient Greece to present day.

This Kid Deserves an Oscar 03:33

This Kid Deserves an Oscar

by dick
2709 views, 5479 days ago

This kid deserves the Oscar for Best Actor... quite possibly more than any other living person.

FILL IN THE ______. 02:54

FILL IN THE ______.

by rballs
2665 views, 5476 days ago

"Fill in the Blanks" Jin featuring You! Jin invites his fans to mix and edit his latest single and/or shoot a music video to it. Download the song exclusively @

Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway 03:55

Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway

by Jaysay
2747 views, 5474 days ago

Kelly Clarkson's hit single Breakaway from her best selling 2006-2007 Album of the same name.

Servers are Down 00:30

Servers are Down

by bryan
1957 views, 5471 days ago

IT staff always seem to get the shit-end of the stick.

Linkin Park - In The End 03:37

Linkin Park - In The End

by bryan
5185 views, 5444 days ago

Linkin Park video, testing 3GP and MP4 features for Mobile phone and iPod/PSP/portable devices... Lyrics (courtesy of

Green Screen tests (Naked Gun style) 01:38

Green Screen tests (Naked Gun style)

by bryan
3464 views, 5441 days ago

This video was meant as an homage, to pay tribute to one of my all-time favorite films.

Ball Squat 00:15

Ball Squat

by bradstone
1986 views, 5402 days ago

Showin off

Tossin a Ball 00:15

Tossin a Ball

by bradstone
2150 views, 5402 days ago

more showin off with drew

Alex Canters 00:18

Alex Canters

by vltz
3474 views, 5389 days ago

A short clip of my daughter, Alex demonstrating how a horse canters.

Alex Canters 2 00:12

Alex Canters 2

by vltz
2317 views, 5388 days ago

A short clip of my daughter Alex cantering on her Icelandic Horse.

Yee Haw 01:10

Yee Haw

by vltz
2733 views, 5388 days ago

Orri, Icelandic gelding, feeling his oats!

Let me out! 01:20

Let me out!

by vltz
2410 views, 5388 days ago

Orri, Icelandic gelding wants to go out and play!

Following 01:42


by vltz
1998 views, 5388 days ago

Alex playing follow the leader with her Icelandic Horse, Gat.

Alex & Orri 00:47

Alex & Orri

by vltz
2202 views, 5386 days ago

Alex riding Orri, Icelandic pony.

Gat & Alex 02:42

Gat & Alex

by vltz
2352 views, 5382 days ago

Gat & Alex riding circles around me in the indoor arena.

Free Agressive High Fives 01:10

Free Agressive High Fives

by rballs
4566 views, 5373 days ago

Meet Chuck... The Republic of Korea's favorite son, seen here attempting to spread the love and respect in Silim, South Korea.

Bareback Saddle Pad 00:45

Bareback Saddle Pad

by vltz
2616 views, 5360 days ago

Alex riding Gat with a bareback saddle pad.

Alex rides Orri at a walk around the pasture 01:06

Alex rides Orri at a walk around the pasture

by vltz
2359 views, 5359 days ago

Starting Orri with some calm walking around the pasture.