Pantless Knights - MSN vs GOOGLE 02:19

Pantless Knights - MSN vs GOOGLE

by pantlessknights
2851 views, 5479 days ago

***Get your votes in!!! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON OCTOBER 27th! Along with never before seen unreleased footage from the Search Engine Rap Battle!
Google and Microsoft ...

No Pants 2k8 02:28

No Pants 2k8

by ImprovEverywhere
3347 views, 5479 days ago

900 New Yorkers participate in the 7th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride.

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama 01:20

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama

by moxy
4881 views, 5478 days ago

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama in the '08 election...

Skunk Prank 01:16

Skunk Prank

by JustForLaughsTV
3515 views, 5477 days ago

This one became one of the most popular pranks of all-time on MetaCafe...

Death in Line 01:30

Death in Line

by JustForLaughsTV
3983 views, 5477 days ago

One of our most deadly hilarious pranks!?

Weird Al Yankovic - Virus Alert 03:46

Weird Al Yankovic - Virus Alert

by bryan
4045 views, 5470 days ago

Animated music video from "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Straight Outta Lynwood" album, directed by Dave Lovelace

Aha - Take On Me (Literal Interpretation) 03:47

Aha - Take On Me (Literal Interpretation)

by thesns
4168 views, 5470 days ago

Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do.

Lyrics/singing: Dustin McLean Voices: Jason Nash, Josh Faure-Brac, Priscilla McLean


Worst Best Man Ever 00:42

Worst Best Man Ever

by thesns
3411 views, 5454 days ago

This guy is THE worst best man ever...

Bloodhound Gang - Ralph Wiggum 02:57

Bloodhound Gang - Ralph Wiggum

by thesns
10350 views, 5452 days ago

Bloodhound Gang - Ralph Wiggum

All Copyrights owned by their respective creators and licensors. This video uploaded in the promotion of Universal Music Group and the Bloodhound Gang ©

McDonald's Free Menu 00:54

McDonald's Free Menu

by thesns
3489 views, 5450 days ago

Because sometimes a dollar is one dollar too many.

Thirsty Monkey 00:38

Thirsty Monkey

by thesns
3656 views, 5441 days ago

A chimpanzee at the zoo is a little thirsty and also quite lazy, so the result is no surprise.

World of Trailer Park Boys 06:08

World of Trailer Park Boys

by bryan
3714 views, 5435 days ago

This is my tribute to my favorite TV show "Trailer Park Boys" a canadian show I can't get enough of. I would love to move to canada and work for those guys.

Kicked in the Nuts 03:31

Kicked in the Nuts

by thesns
2570 views, 5433 days ago

Kicked in the Nuts nearly physically brought down the house at its premiere. It's truly funny, solid, expertly crafted shit and you should lend your click to its record-holding number of downloads.

Kicked in the Nuts 2 04:43

Kicked in the Nuts 2

by thesns
2647 views, 5433 days ago

More nuts, more kicking, more family fun. Sadly, the nut kicking ended with this episode. Kicked in the Nuts was kicked in its nuts by the audience at the September screening.

Dog Rape 02:04

Dog Rape

by ThatHappened
4344 views, 5433 days ago

I don't know who paid money to have this made, but I'm glad they did.

Passing Out with Blue Angels 01:58

Passing Out with Blue Angels

by vshare
3814 views, 5696 days ago

It's as if he instantly knows he's going to pass out... either he's a total douche, or

Kitty Driving Roomba Vac 00:46

Kitty Driving Roomba Vac

by ConfidenceNumber1
3759 views, 5423 days ago

Apparently human lazyness is rubbing off on our animals. Here is a kitty riding the Roomba, a robot vaccuum cleaner (already a tool for extremely lazy people).

Baby Pumps Up Crowd 00:21

Baby Pumps Up Crowd

by sibichan
3631 views, 5695 days ago

Phillies fans at the World Series Parade decided to give this kid the most exciting day of his life. Every time he raises his arms, they cheer. He's going to be really disappointed when he realizes...

Professor Wikipedia 02:54

Professor Wikipedia

by thesns
3391 views, 5420 days ago

The funniest video of the year. [Citation needed.]

Windows Vista Sucks 02:15

Windows Vista Sucks

by sibichan
2861 views, 5500 days ago

From Microsoft comes VISTA- The most torturous computing experience ever devised...

Blimp TV would like to hear your Windows horror s...