Harry Enfield - Women know your limits 02:20

Harry Enfield - Women know your limits

by bmommy
4090 views, 4249 days ago

Hilarious clip from Harry Enfield and Chums.

Funny Mastercard Ad 01:16

Funny Mastercard Ad

by dick
3445 views, 4249 days ago

guy gets caught by girlfriends dad when he asks her for some head

IKEA Tidy Up Banned Commercials 01:33

IKEA Tidy Up Banned Commercials

by dick
2020 views, 4249 days ago

IKEA Tidy Up Banned Commercials... there are 3 good ones here

Smosh - The Best Car EVER 04:24

Smosh - The Best Car EVER

by bryan
2944 views, 4248 days ago

A man tries to sell Ian the best car ever. Watch this video in higher quality & download at http://smosh.com http://smosh.com http://myspace.com/smosh Views (on YouTube): 2,513,282

David Letterman - Earthquake 01:17

David Letterman - Earthquake

by thesns
2375 views, 4243 days ago

David Letterman does a segement on the LA earthquake that happened on October 1st, 1987. The anchors found a little hiding place for themselves.

MAD TV - Dot ADD 06:25


by DCworks
4828 views, 4241 days ago

Dot's dad tries to get a psychiatrist to prescribe her drugs.

Mad TV - Dot Spelling Bee 04:33

Mad TV - Dot Spelling Bee

by DCworks
2038 views, 4241 days ago

Dot at a spelling bee.

Dramatic Chipmunk 00:05

Dramatic Chipmunk

by DCworks
1500 views, 4238 days ago

The best 5-second clip on the web... the one that spawned a thousand sequels, and appeared in most of the best Funny GIF clips.

If Things Turned Out Differently 02:40

If Things Turned Out Differently

by CollegeHumor
2148 views, 4238 days ago

1998-1999, 10 years ago...
What if all the hype was true? Free CHTV video podcast on iTunes: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=268957390 CH Facebook Fa...

CPR Training Prank 03:37

CPR Training Prank

by bryan
2511 views, 4234 days ago

Hillarious candid camera during BLS Retraining session in Italy

Waterbed Prank 04:03

Waterbed Prank

by bryan
3400 views, 4233 days ago

German prank show heads to a furniture store with a fake Waterbed... the show is called "Verstehen Sie Spass?" from Germany. Translation would be "Do you take a joke?". And the sign doesnt say ...

BANNED Car Commercial 00:30

BANNED Car Commercial

by AbsoluteCarCare
2149 views, 4230 days ago

Check it out, its wider and 7 inches longer... I wax it alot at home, I take it out alot and I love it... guess what it is?

Get your head outta the gutter!

'88 Dodge Aries 00:46

'88 Dodge Aries

by AbsoluteCarCare
2254 views, 4230 days ago

Tim presents the 1988 Dodge Aries. 22HP engine, bench seat, 2speaker radio in fm, map light, believe it or not, all are standard in the 88 Aries.

While this is a funny clip, we certain...

Ashton Kutcher gets pnwed 03:50

Ashton Kutcher gets pnwed

by thesns
2582 views, 4224 days ago

Dave Chappelle, you are the man!

Another NUTS Japanese Gameshow 03:09

Another NUTS Japanese Gameshow

by YoshimotoKogyo
3019 views, 4218 days ago

Japanese punishment and oddities game show Gaki no Tsukai, where if you mess up saying something you get slapped in the nuts.

Princess The Shih Tzu Theme 00:39

Princess The Shih Tzu Theme

by DCworks
2734 views, 4216 days ago

Theme song for Princess the cartoon, made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone...apparently.

Even Better Than The Real Thing (U2) 06:38

Even Better Than The Real Thing (U2)

by ImprovEverywhere
2430 views, 4210 days ago

Hillarious prank by ImprovEveryWhere, pretending to be U2 in downtown Manhattan.

Mickey Avalon - My Dick 03:23

Mickey Avalon - My Dick

by rballs
2623 views, 4209 days ago

Music Video featuring Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy. Directed by Alex Robertson-Dworet. PhanaticFilms.com Dope shit.

Everyday Normal Guy 03:37

Everyday Normal Guy

by mccluskey
2272 views, 4206 days ago

White rapper.

Step Brothers Deleted Scene 02:00

Step Brothers Deleted Scene

by mccluskey
1831 views, 4205 days ago

Show and Tell