Pepsi: Not Beckham's Day 00:29

Pepsi: Not Beckham's Day

by bcmoney
1873 views, 4541 days ago

It's certainly not David Beckham's day in this comical TV ad which depicts the star footballer at his (rare) worst.

John West: Bear Fight 00:29

John West: Bear Fight

by bcmoney
3186 views, 4541 days ago

Hooked on Ebonics 02:47

Hooked on Ebonics

by boomstick
1976 views, 4530 days ago

THIN, host Kenny Robinson pitches his course in urban ghetto speak: "Hooked on Ebonics"....comedy funny Canada urban CBC Kenny Robinson Joe Bodolai (also featuring Russell Peters)

Russell Peters LIVE! 45:07

Russell Peters LIVE!

by boomstick
3746 views, 4530 days ago

Russell Peters performs on Comedy Now: Uncensored in December, 2005.

Bambi Meets Godzilla 01:30

Bambi Meets Godzilla

by bcmoney
3435 views, 4528 days ago

It's Bambi .vs. Godzilla, as these two juggernaughts face off in what turns out to be a surprisingly one-sided affair. Classic 1969 short from Mary Newland, set to the William Tell Overture.

Ales Hemsky goal vs Dallas after Stefan missed empty net 01:30

Ales Hemsky goal vs Dallas after Stefan missed empty net

by bcmoney
2990 views, 4528 days ago

"That doesn't belong in the National Hockey League..." Unbelievable NHL blooper from 2007 as Ales Hemsky scores the game tying goal with 2.0 seconds left vs Dallas after Patrick Stefan missed a gap...

Celery Generals Tom Green 02:56

Celery Generals Tom Green

by bcmoney
5326 views, 4523 days ago

Tom Green hits the road with celery, tomatos and dressing... his once favorite game becomes his least favorite this time around.

Mad TV: Kenny Rogers Jackass 04:37

Mad TV: Kenny Rogers Jackass

by thesns
8246 views, 4516 days ago

Mad TV's hillarious spoof on both Jackass and, for reasons unexplained, Kenny Rogers.

French School: Parlez-vous Anglais? 00:47

French School: Parlez-vous Anglais?

by bcmoney
2119 views, 4511 days ago

Comical "anti-english" commercial for a French language school. (Another AdCritic classic)

Funny Animated GIFs 04:11

Funny Animated GIFs

by thesns
4382 views, 4510 days ago

Random funny and weird GIF files from message boards, forums, guestbooks, Blogs and SNS sites all over the internet.

Keys to the VIP - Derek vs mitch 22:15

Keys to the VIP - Derek vs mitch

by TheLyle
5301 views, 4501 days ago

Comedy show in Canada about dating and guys who give tips, as well as judge 2 contestants, with the winner getting the ultimate party with babes

More details about the awesome show in ...

Most Outrageous Moments On The News 02:36

Most Outrageous Moments On The News

by thesns
3430 views, 4467 days ago

One of the funniest collection of bloopers from the news. Original from MetaCafe

PUA Cajun Pickup Interview Advanced 06:03

PUA Cajun Pickup Interview Advanced

by TheLyle
4958 views, 4501 days ago

An in-depth interview on Love Systems and the methods of Cajun, dating guru extraordinaire.

Semi-Pro trailer 01:48

Semi-Pro trailer

by TheLyle
2874 views, 4491 days ago

New movie featuring Will Ferrell, Will Arnett

Dirty Jobs - Snake Handler 01:18

Dirty Jobs - Snake Handler

by bcmoney
3394 views, 4489 days ago

Mike has his hands full (of snake bites) as a Snake Researcher.

Mike Rowe on QVC - Katsak 02:51

Mike Rowe on QVC - Katsak

by bcmoney
2938 views, 4489 days ago ---------------------------------------- Circa 1992, Mike Rowe (host of Dirty Jobs) worked in (very) late-night TV selling crap to idiots on QVC. He use...

Arrested Development- Gob Scene 02:14

Arrested Development- Gob Scene

by TheLyle
1708 views, 4489 days ago

Gob performing his magic,with the help of Europe.

Action jackson 04:30

Action jackson

by TheLyle
2186 views, 4489 days ago

MTV Michael Jackson parody

Will Ferrell: Mr. Tarkanian, the Boss From Hell 05:19

Will Ferrell: Mr. Tarkanian, the Boss From Hell

by bryan
8430 views, 4487 days ago

Will Ferrell stars as Mr.Tarkanian, in this classic SNL sketch.

MadTV - Crazy As Hell 04:41

MadTV - Crazy As Hell

by DCworks
4813 views, 4272 days ago

"Crazy as hell" guy talks about Capote, King Kong, Brokeback Mountain...