MadTV - Eminem Parody 02:22

MadTV - Eminem Parody

by DCworks
2974 views, 3957 days ago

Parody of Eminem's song "Without Me".

Monkey Brushes Teeth 00:30

Monkey Brushes Teeth

by dick
12954 views, 4312 days ago

Brushing 2-3 times daily is one of the best ways to ensure you have a healthy smile. Luckily, brushing is so easy, even a monkey could do it!

Need dental work? Visit some of the best...

UHF: You get to drink from the FIREHOSE!!! 01:10

UHF: You get to drink from the FIREHOSE!!!

by bcmoney
12149 views, 4256 days ago

Heck yes! Arguably one of the most memorable scenes in cinema history?!

Michael Richards (aka Kramer from Seinfeld, before Seinfeld) plays the host of Stanley Spadoski's Funhouse, the...

Schimdt's Gay Beer 01:22

Schimdt's Gay Beer

by bcmoney
47037 views, 4248 days ago

SNL Sketch Classics: Schmidt's Gay Beer starring Adam Sandler and Chris Farley

GI JOE Parody Video Collection Part 1 09:57

GI JOE Parody Video Collection Part 1

by bryan
3814 views, 4238 days ago

The Fensler Film redubbed parody of GI JOE Public Service Announcements all 24 filled into 2 parts. Enjoy part 1

Monkey Falls Out of Tree 00:15

Monkey Falls Out of Tree

by bcmoney
5434 views, 4327 days ago

Tragedy & Comedy meet in this cautionary tale of what happens when a curious little monkey gets too curious, and decides to explore the nether-regions of his rectal orifice. As advertised, Hillarit...

Mes Jean Shorts 04:23

Mes Jean Shorts

by RStyles
4318 views, 4317 days ago

Ruairi and Joel playing their famous song Jean shorts on Graham Street one memorable night.

Spongebob Squarepants: Something Smells (s2e22) 12:05

Spongebob Squarepants: Something Smells (s2e22)

by bcmoney
16615 views, 4289 days ago

SpongeBob eats some sea onion ice cream and his breath stinks. When people avoid him, Patrick offers "maybe it's because you're ugly." Together, they devise various ways to hide SpongeBob’s hideous...

Chappelle's Show: Prince .vs. Charlie Murphy 05:54

Chappelle's Show: Prince .vs. Charlie Murphy

by bcmoney
14718 views, 4289 days ago

Classic skit from the amazon Dave Chappelle...

UHF: Wheel of Fish 01:35

UHF: Wheel of Fish

by bcmoney
4060 views, 4287 days ago

Wheel Of Fish segment from Weird Al Yankovic's one and (so far) only movie, UHF (1989) STUPID!, YOU'RE SO STUPID!!

Derek Cajun - The Gentlemen's Guide to Online Dating (WGN-TV) 08:16

Derek Cajun - The Gentlemen's Guide to Online Dating (WGN-TV)

by TheLyle
6369 views, 4274 days ago

Derek Cajun, Author of "The Gentlemen's Guide To Online Dating" joins the Morning News at WGN-TV Chicago.

Valentine's Day Surprises 00:5900

Valentine's Day Surprises

by bryan
10309 views, 4261 days ago

One man's Valentine dream, and another woman's Valentine nightmare... (Guest star: Kaila Yu)

Communicate With Your Mobile 01:01

Communicate With Your Mobile

by bcmoney
2442 views, 4249 days ago

Not to far from the truth.... A very smart idea, actually!
Original from MetaCafe

TV C-span full prank call compilation 08:37

TV C-span full prank call compilation

by DCworks
7515 views, 4248 days ago

Prank calling C-Span LIVE

Guitar Hero - Dragon Force (EXPERT 100%) 06:28

Guitar Hero - Dragon Force (EXPERT 100%)

by DCworks
6097 views, 4248 days ago

Hahaha...This guy is a laugh riot. Definitely the best Hero I've ever seen. Through the fire and flames, baby!

Evolution of Dance 06:00

Evolution of Dance

by bcmoney
2254 views, 4242 days ago

Original from YouTube
Don't ask me why, but somehow this video has been one of the MOST viewed viral videos in internet history (r...

End Of Ze World 01:32

End Of Ze World

by bryan
26201 views, 4234 days ago

The Very famous End Of Ze World video. Many have seen this. Many have cried when they couldnt find it. But i have your drink, i have your bread, i have your....The End Of Ze World video. End of Ze...

Charlie Bit Me... Again 00:55

Charlie Bit Me... Again

by shannyc
4998 views, 4220 days ago

You think he would have learned the first time?

Pepsi Access 01:06

Pepsi Access

by Jimz
2351 views, 4206 days ago

This is a contest-winning Pepsi commercial by Viral Media Group. For more of their portfolio, visit:

Gummy Bear Trap 00:36

Gummy Bear Trap

by bcmoney
13142 views, 4190 days ago

The original Robot Chicken sketch on Gummy Bear traps and the delicious cannibalism that ensues as a result.

For promotional puproses only, please watch Robot Chicken live and on syn...