Animals Party in the Jungle 02:49

Animals Party in the Jungle

by bmommy
4255 views, 5223 days ago

I guess this is where the term "party animal" came from!?

How to Escape a Fart 02:33

How to Escape a Fart

by bryan
4247 views, 5539 days ago

Japanese scientists work feverishly . This is from yet another CRAZY Japanese game/variety type show.

Gay Crossing Guard Prank 01:29

Gay Crossing Guard Prank

by JustForLaughsTV
4235 views, 3963 days ago

Pedestrians are tricked into holding a sign that says \"I\'m Gay\" and are quickly confronted to a super gay man in his convertible. A presentation of the world-renowned

Urban Ninja II 03:10

Urban Ninja II

by bcmoney
4215 views, 5690 days ago

The second in a series of short mockumentary / films about Kinetsu Hayabusa, the Urban Ninja. URBAN NINJA II. Please turn it up and listen with good speakers. Brought to you by Cr...

American History Through the Barrell of a Gun 03:13

American History Through the Barrell of a Gun

by GuterTP
4210 views, 5102 days ago

This clip is with regards to the issue of gun control in America highlighted in Michael Moore's film, "Bowling for Columbine".

Strange Olympic Swim Trial 04:03

Strange Olympic Swim Trial

by bryan
4199 views, 5521 days ago

From Wikipedia: Eric Moussambani from Equatorial Guinea, nicknamed "Eric The Eel" by the media, won brief international ...

Bugs Bunny in: Fresh Hare 07:57

Bugs Bunny in: Fresh Hare

by sibichan
4187 views, 5686 days ago

A Classic Bugs Bunny Episode Which You'll Probably Remember. . . . . ENJOY! The Whole Opera Thing

Dog Malfunction (remix) 00:29

Dog Malfunction (remix)

by DCworks
4126 views, 5349 days ago

This is why dogs don't do drugs.

Escalator Skiing 01:10

Escalator Skiing

by mbrison
4110 views, 5265 days ago

Nutter skiing down Angel Tube Station escalator in London. Logest one in Europe apparently. Risky business, but good way to save time!

See more at

Different Places Same Faces 02:09

Different Places Same Faces

by ThatHappened
4091 views, 5272 days ago

Hundreds of Pictures - One Pose. This girl has one look, just one.

Seinfeld: The Lost Episode 03:31

Seinfeld: The Lost Episode

by sibichan
4089 views, 5548 days ago

National Lampoon's presents a little known episode of Seinfeld where Krame (Michael Richards) flies off the handle on-stage over a heckler.

Kramer swears, he's not racist...

May Fail Compilation 2012 07:56

May Fail Compilation 2012

by thesns
4088 views, 4127 days ago

The best May fail compilation of 2012! New compilations uploaded every week. Don't forget to leave comments on what should be our next fail compilation!

May fail compilation featuring the be...

Toy Story on CRACK 07:08

Toy Story on CRACK

by bryan
4086 views, 5481 days ago

All caught on camera for your enjoyment.

A couple people have been asking about the song in the middle when Woody and Buzz "face off": Artist: Quincy Jones Title: Ironside (2)

St. Patrick's Day in 30 Seconds 00:30

St. Patrick's Day in 30 Seconds

by thesns
4069 views, 5302 days ago

St. Patrick's Day in 30 Seconds by Asylum

t's about time you educated yourself on the ...

Christmas in Killarney 02:56

Christmas in Killarney

by Jaysay
4052 views, 5399 days ago

It's Christmas in Killarney, a holiday music video based on the traditional Irish Christmas. Just watch them get more and more drunk... then do so yourself.

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Kids 02:46

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Kids

by TheOnion
4051 views, 5126 days ago

'E-Mom' Gloria Bianco shows Jim and Tracy how geographical distance is no longer a roadblock to shamelessly interfering with the lives of your children.

LES TETES A CLAQUES - Captaine Kung Fu 2 02:31

LES TETES A CLAQUES - Captaine Kung Fu 2

by bcmoney
4021 views, 5717 days ago

Est-ce la fin des Tetes A Claques ?

Could this be the end for Tetes a Claques?

ThreeBond 00:45


by bryan
4011 views, 5127 days ago

interesting commercial... "nice dancing"

Google Toilet 02:20

Google Toilet

by bcmoney
3994 views, 4500 days ago

Google has finally developed technology that can literally sift through your sh*t.

This may be a comical video, but the topic is no joke, just

New Horror Genre 01:06

New Horror Genre

by TheLyle
3985 views, 5269 days ago

The one where the girl finally figures out not to run upstairs and hide in the closet, and instead buy an oozie and blow intruders away... not coming to theatres near you, anytime soon.