Smosh - Male Model 06:36

Smosh - Male Model

by bryan
2891 views, 5069 days ago

Ian becomes jealous when Anthony gets accepted to be a male model. Watch this video in higher quality & download video at

I'm Not Here to Make Friends 03:19

I'm Not Here to Make Friends

by bryan
2443 views, 5068 days ago

Alright, we get it, you don't go on reality TV to make friends. You're on Reality TV to prove what a douche/dunce/turd/fame whore you are.
Maybe if you had a real friend your life wouldn't...

Coke n Mentos on Letterman 05:45

Coke n Mentos on Letterman

by thesns
4059 views, 5065 days ago

Even Letterman was doing diet coke and mentos gags back in 2006.

David Letterman - Earthquake 01:17

David Letterman - Earthquake

by thesns
2922 views, 5065 days ago

David Letterman does a segement on the LA earthquake that happened on October 1st, 1987. The anchors found a little hiding place for themselves.

Dramatic Chipmunk 00:05

Dramatic Chipmunk

by DCworks
1895 views, 5060 days ago

The best 5-second clip on the web... the one that spawned a thousand sequels, and appeared in most of the best Funny GIF clips.

CPR Training Prank 03:37

CPR Training Prank

by bryan
3209 views, 5056 days ago

Hillarious candid camera during BLS Retraining session in Italy

Comedy Gumbo (Episode 4) 04:35

Comedy Gumbo (Episode 4)

by thesns
3448 views, 5054 days ago

A sketch show for those who don't have time to watch a sketch show. Sketches this episode: Guy Who Doesn't Understand TV #1, Psychedelic Wizard Bail Bonds, Guy Who Doesn't Understand TV #2, T...

Backflip Impossible 02:16

Backflip Impossible

by bryan
2221 views, 5054 days ago

That's gotta hurt! This hilarious video was made by Thi Nguyen (YouTube user nguy3n763) on failed backflip attempts

How to Escape a Fart 02:33

How to Escape a Fart

by bryan
3751 views, 5054 days ago

Japanese scientists work feverishly . This is from yet another CRAZY Japanese game/variety type show.

Lion Hugging - Not For Everyone 02:04

Lion Hugging - Not For Everyone

by bryan
3342 views, 5052 days ago

Apparently Lion Lovin' is not for everyone... so don't try it at home! (Or the Zoo for that matter)

Guy Messes With Drivers Ed Instructors 01:37

Guy Messes With Drivers Ed Instructors

by brett
2219 views, 5042 days ago

Driver's Ed nightmare...

Bush explains the war in Iraq 01:00

Bush explains the war in Iraq

by moxy
3370 views, 5038 days ago

Bush handles another question gracefully as he explains the Iraq War to the press.

Barbara Walters EJECTS Rosie 00:22

Barbara Walters EJECTS Rosie

by bryan
1670 views, 5037 days ago

Rosie O' Donnell gets "ejected" into outer space by Barbara Walters, more videos at TheNYC

Powerthirst 2 02:06

Powerthirst 2

by devomax
9095 views, 5036 days ago

See the newest exclusive CHTV videos at CollegeHUumor. The CHTV videos premiere there first and in widescreen.

Mr.T - BANNED Snickers commercial 00:29

Mr.T - BANNED Snickers commercial

by TheLyle
4420 views, 5036 days ago

The new Mr. T Snickers commercial, with the Speedwalker. And the new Snickers - Gun :)

Apparently the Gay community requested the ad be pulled, since it demeans men who might run in an...

The Electrician 01:15

The Electrician

by bryan
2618 views, 5034 days ago

The Electrician is a video from mikedvideo that reminds you to work safe and be careful. Its about an electrician who suffers when he doesn't take his job seriously.

Hobo Cribs 06:12

Hobo Cribs

by devomax
4318 views, 5034 days ago

Mac C the Pimp shows us his crib.

Mickey Avalon - My Dick 03:23

Mickey Avalon - My Dick

by rballs
3286 views, 5031 days ago

Music Video featuring Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy. Directed by Alex Robertson-Dworet. Dope shit.

Smosh - Food Battle 2007 05:34

Smosh - Food Battle 2007

by smosh
3193 views, 5030 days ago

Anthony & Ian fight to the death to prove which of their favorite foods is superior.... AGAIN!


Smosh - Food Battle 2008 06:03

Smosh - Food Battle 2008

by smosh
8504 views, 5030 days ago

BLOOPERS: Anthony & Ian thought "fighting to the death to prove which of their favorite foods is superior" twice wasn't enough! Watch this video in higher quality & do...