I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell 03:23

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

by bryan
3020 views, 4875 days ago

Can't believe they're making this shit into a movie...

Mario Bros Plumbing Complaint Letter 01:52

Mario Bros Plumbing Complaint Letter

by CollegeHumor
3005 views, 4682 days ago

What if people really acted like video game characters?

If Things Turned Out Differently 02:40

If Things Turned Out Differently

by CollegeHumor
2950 views, 5258 days ago

1998-1999, 10 years ago...
What if all the hype was true? Free CHTV video podcast on iTunes: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=268957390 CH Facebook Fa...

Minesweeper: The Movie 01:58

Minesweeper: The Movie

by CollegeHumor
2948 views, 5099 days ago

Check out the newest exclusive CHTV videos.

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Watch the...

RC Cooler 00:32

RC Cooler

by bmommy
2918 views, 5277 days ago

Beer Cooler with wheels.... what will they think up next?

Tenacious D - F%@k Her Gently 02:29

Tenacious D - F%@k Her Gently

by bcmoney
2916 views, 5440 days ago

The dynamic duo hit the high notes just like "angels" in this devilishly good music video and rendition of their wildly popular hit from 2002.

MacGyver: The College Years (Episode 2) 03:54

MacGyver: The College Years (Episode 2)

by devomax
2832 views, 5308 days ago

Think it's hard being MacGyver? Then try being MacGyver AND a college student at Phoenix University! Scooter's party has turned into a sausage fest and it's up to MacGyver to make some beer and sav...

Worlds Largest Homemade Waterslide 00:47

Worlds Largest Homemade Waterslide

by Break
2708 views, 5148 days ago

100 yards... this just looks friggin’ awesome. These guys built what may just be the world’s largest homemade waterslide and emptied it into a lake.

PIMP T 01:49


by bcmoney
2675 views, 5473 days ago

Why is it that the best rappers in the game are taken from us too soon?

R.I.P PimpT, R.I.P.

Skate Or Die!!! trailer 05:30

Skate Or Die!!! trailer

by DCworks
2656 views, 5353 days ago

I'm a hardcore skater now so don't mess with me or else I will hit you with my skateboard. Sk8 for life and guitar hero 3 for life because I'm the best at guitar hero. I Rock

Anti-Smoking Apocalyptic Warning 01:27

Anti-Smoking Apocalyptic Warning

by CollegeHumor
2579 views, 4878 days ago

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Don't smoke, all of humanity is counting on you!

Invisible Skating 01:46

Invisible Skating

by bcmoney
2531 views, 5320 days ago

Just a cool video of guys skating on invisible boards, no ads, no marketing schemes, just pure clean viral fun.

HIGH-FIVE! 02:02


by bryan
2472 views, 4824 days ago

Don't hold back

Credits: Brainchild of Jack Packard

Starring Bob Turton and Jake

Lister v Bradley 08:32

Lister v Bradley

by bradstone
2437 views, 5302 days ago

Drunken battle with a buddy...

Hitting The Gym (role reversal) 03:17

Hitting The Gym (role reversal)

by bcmoney
2436 views, 3659 days ago

What would happen if guys and gals switched roles at the gym?

If All Movies Had Smartphones 01:49

If All Movies Had Smartphones

by CollegeHumor
2428 views, 3730 days ago

What if all the characters in popular films had access to web-connected smartphones with 4G capabilities? Problem, there's an app for that, end of story...

justice vs simian - we are your friends 02:39

justice vs simian - we are your friends

by bryan
2398 views, 5367 days ago

-----------------------FROM YOUTUBE: -------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fRyXyGSk68 ------------------------------------------------------------ Added: June 02, 2006 "justice ...

Offline Version of Facebook 01:40

Offline Version of Facebook

by bcmoney
2277 views, 4195 days ago

After making your selection, copy and paste the embed code above. The code changes based on your selection.

World Record Dodgeball Game 02:20

World Record Dodgeball Game

by bcmoney
2218 views, 4680 days ago

1200 students at the University of Alberta who weren't good enough for the football, basketball, hockey or even soccer team play in the world's biggest dodgeball game.

Occuppy Wall Street - We Are The 1% (sarcastic) 02:39

Occuppy Wall Street - We Are The 1% (sarcastic)

by CollegeHumor
2198 views, 4041 days ago

A humorous look at the other side of the coin.