Amputee Piano Player 08:13

Amputee Piano Player

1795 views, 4004 days ago

Corner of Dundas and Spadina in Toronto, Ontario... More at:...

Weird Al Yankovic - Perform This Way 02:55

Weird Al Yankovic - Perform This Way

3858 views, 4019 days ago

Any Lady Gaga parody is good in my books, but in fact it seems she's an extremely easy target for

New Delhi crazy traffic ride 04:36

New Delhi crazy traffic ride

2069 views, 4020 days ago

Traffic situation: On the main road to old Delhi - India. October 2009 (believe it or not its probably gotten worse since then, not better)

New Delhi 03:05

New Delhi

1833 views, 4020 days ago

The capital of India, New Delhi blends a historic past and a vibrant present. This film shows the different culture, religion, t...

Sheen'd 01:54


2174 views, 4032 days ago

Jimmy Fallon muses with the idea of Charlie Sheen getting sweet revenge on Ashton Kutcher for replacing him on the cast of Two and a Half Men, by replacing him on his show, Punk'd.

Assange: Facebook, Google spying tools for US intelligence 12:55

Assange: Facebook, Google spying tools for US intelligence

4028 views, 4071 days ago

Full 40-minute version of the interview coming up later.

The man behind WikiLeaks says his website's revelations are just the tip of the iceberg. In an exclusive interview with RT, Julian As...

IUJ - Pray for Japan Event 53:20

IUJ - Pray for Japan Event

3014 views, 4087 days ago

IUJ students offered a candlelight evening “Pray for Japan” on April 18. The event will be covered live on Ustream. ...

Print Media Gets A Lifeline 02:21

Print Media Gets A Lifeline

2336 views, 4141 days ago

A popular Blog hires some old media guys who’ve been laid off.

Featuring Winston Noel, Brian Barrett, Gil Ozeri, Nate Sh...

Chemical Brothers - Do It Again (LIVE at Fuji Rock 2007) 09:31

Chemical Brothers - Do It Again (LIVE at Fuji Rock 2007)

2074 views, 4156 days ago

This entire Fuji Rock 2007 concert line-up was absolutely incredible: The Cure, Beastie Boys, Iggy Pop ...

World Order - World Order 04:42

World Order - World Order

2540 views, 4157 days ago

For MMA star Genki Sudo's new band is here to bring some order to this chaotic world.

World Order - Mind Shift 05:12

World Order - Mind Shift

2436 views, 4157 days ago

Genki Sudo is a retired mixed martial artist that is also known in part for his

Japan Behind the Mask 51:30

Japan Behind the Mask

2624 views, 4177 days ago

Many lessons to be learned by the west from Japan as they reached the peak of a huge financial bubble in the late 80s, only to have it burst and experience deflationary recession. Today they've all...

One-Man Ninja Army Takes on Entire Police Force 01:03

One-Man Ninja Army Takes on Entire Police Force

2323 views, 4259 days ago

Is this a drill or was this dude for real?!

Powers of 10 (1977) 09:01

Powers of 10 (1977)

4040 views, 4261 days ago

Powers of Ten takes us on an adventure in magnitudes. Starting at a picnic by the lakeside in Chicago, this famous film tran...

Live - All Over You (live) 03:48

Live - All Over You (live)

2340 views, 4271 days ago

Underrated tune from a 90s band worth another look...

Talking Tree - Making of 01:26

Talking Tree - Making of

3585 views, 4275 days ago

Everybody has an opinion on Nature. But what about Nature’s opinion?
EOS magazine decided to give Nature the means to talk.
A 100 year old tree, living on the edge of Brussels, was hook...

iButterfly 01:23


2299 views, 4279 days ago

“I Butterfly”, a new product of Tokyo Innovation that incorporates augmented reality, motion sensor, global positioning system and location based services.

Leopard Kills Baboon But Saves Its Baby 04:38

Leopard Kills Baboon But Saves Its Baby

3746 views, 4280 days ago

This is a heart-warming story, there is good in the world, it is natural...

Technology embedded in our Lives by 2014 02:25

Technology embedded in our Lives by 2014

3470 views, 4306 days ago

Interesting vision of how technology could be embedded into our lives in the next 4 years, especially like the fact that they try to make it more pervasive yet simplistic and thus accessible, mind ...

ACDC - Highway to Hell (Live in Moncton 2009) 03:49

ACDC - Highway to Hell (Live in Moncton 2009)

4132 views, 4317 days ago

On August 6th, 2009 AC/DC rocked Atlantic Canada, making a long-rumored yet somewhat unexpected stop in Moncton,

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