Behavior, Content, Money – 3 Things you should never give away for free!!!

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Japanese Learning & Teaching a foreign language

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Teaching Agile Methodologies

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Teaching Programming at the College level, am I ready?

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Is anyone ever truly “ready” for anything life thrusts upon them? The answer is no, more often than not we typically need to adjust and grow into any new project, position/role, or life challenge over time.

That’s what I anticipate for my new teaching endeavor at Oulton College.

BC$ = Behavior, Content, Money

The goal of the BC$ project is to raise awareness and make changes with respect to the three pillars of information freedom - Behavior (pursuit of interests and passions), Content (sharing/exchanging ideas in various formats), Money (fairness and accessibility) - bringing to light the fact that:

1. We regularly hand over our browser histories, search histories and daily online activities to companies that want our money, or, to benefit from our use of their services with lucrative ad deals or sales of personal information.

2. We create and/or consume interesting content on their services, but we aren't adequately rewarded for our creative efforts or loyalty.

3. We pay money to be connected online (and possibly also over mobile), yet we lose both time and money by allowing companies to market to us with unsolicited advertisements, irrelevant product offers and unfairly structured service pricing plans.

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