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Continuous Testing and Shift-Left roadblocks in enterprise

Posted by bryan on September 15, 2018 in Uncategorized with No Comments

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This one goes out to all those stubborn QA Testers, “Business Users” & User Acceptance Testing (UAT) leads who insist on “waiting until everything’s 100% done” to even start writing Test Cases or carrying out time-consuming manual test scenarios which they undoubtedly repeat every time they need to test anything, all the while resisting “Shift-Left/Shift-Right” principles like Continuous Testing, Acceptance Criteria as test cases, and Test recording & automation/scripting for repetitive test tasks. Likewise it goes out to all those executives who take an indifferent approach to quality, ripe with understaffed QA departments that lets them continue to own corporate application sign-off and define testing practices, all while (quite inadvertently and often unbeknownst to them) acting as the primary bottleneck to delivery.

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