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Birth of Reiko Clara Copeland

Posted by bryan on April 29, 2015 in Uncategorized with No Comments

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A very special yet belated birthday welcome goes out to Reiko Clara Copeland, the newest and youngest member of the BCmoney family.


Being due today – but arriving over a week early at approximately 8:20pm AST on Thursday, April 29th, 2015 – my daughter and second child Reiko Clara Copeland was born a healthy 3.03 kilograms (6 pounds 11 ounces) to Bryan Copeland and Nana (Kurata) Copeland. She was delivered safely at the maternity ward of the Moncton Hospital after a roughly 30 minute, and almost pain-free (compared to the first one according to my wife) delivery.


Rockin’ the “Bad to the Bone” shades her brother rocked before her…



Bad to the Bone - part II

Bad to the Bone, part II


Photos summarizing her journey into this world are privately available to friends and family exclusively (click on the image above… but you will need to login first or it will prompt you to).


In Japan, she will go by her first name Reiko, and in Canada she will be more likely to go by her middle name of Clara. This is the way we had to do it as we found out the hard way with our first child (when Owen was born in Japan) that the Japanese authorities and their information systems weren’t really setup to handle multiple names and at the time only allowed given and family names. Since parents tend to want children to have traditional names in Japan to make their lives easier and Katakana names had been frowned upon (though this is changing in modern prefectures like Tokyo and Osaka), we had to make the Japanese given name come first for the family registry to get processed promptly, and for them to get both Japanese and Canadian passports without a lot of extra hassle (its enough work as is).


Wishing you the best… as with Owen’s birth, more pictures and videos will be coming as soon as Clara’s in the mood to pose for the paparazzi!


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