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LayerPlayer released for SkipSearch

Posted by bcmoney on December 21, 2014 in AJAX, Cloud Computing, HTML, JavaScript, Semantic Web, TV with No Comments

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Announcing the availability of SkipSearch’s new Layer Player ALPHA version. This is still early days even though its a multi-year project for me, as I continue to work on this in my very rare spare time. This new feature will much more readily bring to light the capabilities of the recommendation engine built under the hood of SkipSearch (powered by OpenRecommender). With this release, SkipSearch is effectively moving from Alpha to Beta in 2015 and getting further and further from vaporware and inching slightly closer to being a legitimate full-blown, widely usable (and hopefully well-used) Web 3.0 application. Please take a moment to check it out, and sign up for the BETA if you haven’t already:



For comparison’s sake, here’s the architecture of a typical Web Crawler that powers most Search Engines:

Architecture of a Web crawler.

Architecture of a Web crawler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Here’s the proposed architecture of a Semantic Search Engine which SkipSearch’s aims to create:

Architecture of a Web crawler.

Architecture of a Semantic Web agent. (Photo credit: W3C)


Wish us luck on this journey, we’ll need it! Most importantly though, it will greatly help the “Data Filter” and “Data Privacy” issues raised by our favourite Search Engine, DuckDuckGo.