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SkipSearch ALPHA released

Posted by bcmoney on December 12, 2012 in E-Business, Semantic Web, Web Services with No Comments

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The ALPHA version of SkipSearch has been released!!!

SkipSearch is a proprietary front-end to OpenRecommender, an open source recommendation engine. Its primary features include:

  • Easy-to-use Interface with hover-intent to reduce clicks, audio controls & shortcuts
  • Lightweight HTML5 / CSS3 layout
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design
  • properties and support for RDFa/Microformats
  • Import data from multiple accounts (Google/Yahoo/Microsoft/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIN/Last.FM/StumbleUpon and other social media account integration)
  • Export functionality based on open formats (RSS, ATOM, OPML, XSPF, FOAF)
  • OpenID authentication
  • OAuth authorization


At this point, SkipSearch would appeal to anyone who is:

  1. Trying to find something on Google but just not getting the results they need. (i.e. where should I go on vacation? or which one of my friends like X?)
  2. In need of an app with the ability to Import profile and friend data from Facebook or another Social Network, so that its backed up forever
  3. An early-adopter looking to try out the latest (and hopefully greatest) in web technologies

In the future though, the goal is that it will have a much broader appeal to just about every web user as a viable alternative to both the established Search Engines and Social Networking Services, as a great way to share information in an open, transparent but yet totally controllable and private (if you want it) manner.


Business Model

There are two proposed ways of using SkipSearch:

  • Free: Ad-supported (features limited)
  • Subscription: $1.00/yr. ad-free (unlimited)

For one dollar (USD) per year, you get access to all the features of SkipSearch. You can still use the service for free, but you won’t be able to import, backup, export and personalize your experience based on your data from other social networks.


In a lot of ways, the release of SkipSearch represents the next generation of BC$ MobileTV. Hopefully you’ll check out the site regularly, whether that’s for free or as a paid user!

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