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11 Ways To Be Remarkably Exceptional

Posted by bryan on November 22, 2012 in Multimedia with 1 Comment

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Here’s an opposite take on the excellent “11 ways to be unremarkably average” comic by Gavin Aung Than (aka ZenPencils), which was itself inspired by and borrows from a quote by Chris Guillebeau. The funny thing is, if you reverse these warnings and follow the opposite of the steps outlined in that Guillebeau quote, hidden within is perhaps the secret to true happiness or in the very least a guideline on how to live a unique and truly free lifestyle.

Without further adieu, we give you “11 Ways To Be Remarkably Exceptional”:


“11 Ways To Be Remarkably Exceptional” (Modified from original work by: zenpencils)

Whether you’re a graphic artist yourself, or just an office worker in search for more meaning in your life and realizing your full potential, we’d highly recommend you check out his other works for some inspiration.