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Top 12 Canadians for Canada Day 2012

Posted by bryan on July 1, 2012 in Philanthropy with 1 Comment

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Canada Day fireworks

Canadian Celebrities (Photo credit: Replica )

Here’s something not totally tech-related for Canada Day 2012.

I decided to make a short but sweet tribute to my favourite Canadians who are making a difference in people’s lives all over the world, every day. My choices ended up in the list either because of something exceptional or newsworthy that they did in this past year (or because of an accumulation of work in recent years). These won’t be the same Canadians found on your typical “MuchMusic Top 10” or “CTV eTalk Daily Award Winners”, as most of them are alternative media journalists, alternative medicine practitioners or other activists.



My listing of my Top 12 cool Canadians for 2012:

  1. Rick Simpson – Founder of Phoenix Tears’ Hemp Oil; fighting for his personal liberty and freedom to use/sell alternative medicines
  2. Javan Kerby Bernakevitch – Founder of Permaculture BC
  3. James Loney – Peace Activist and former Hostage; for speaking out against war in Iran (or any country)
  4. Alan Watt – Researcher, Author & Musician; though born Scottish he has immigrated to Canada and now focuses on “waking people up” to the control matrix behind what we perceive as reality
  5. Jim Meaney – Founder of Cansolair’s pop can-powered Solar Panel
  6. Russell Peters – Comedian; for keeping us laughing during tumultuous times
  7. Jack Layton – Former Leader of the NDP; for inspiring a nation to vote outside the two-party system and instill positive change… sadly he passed away last year on August 22nd, 2011 and in many ways it was his (and the NDP’s) break-out year in Candian politics whose effects are still felt this year. He is my #1 for 2011 and still deserves to make this list for 2012. I feel lucky I got the chance to meet him and shake his hand in February 2009 during a Cross-Country stop at the Wu Center on UNB’s Fredericton campus.
  8. Firas Zahabi – Martial Artist & Professional MMA trainer; for training GSP and many other skilled athletes, as well as donating time to youth programs and public speaking
  9. Markus Frind – Founder & CEO, Plenty of Fish; for fighting frivolous Google AdSense lawsuits
  10. James Cameron – Film Director & Explorer; for being the first human to reach the depth of 55000+ feet below the ocean’s surface
  11. James Corbett – Alternative Media Reporter; for not pulling any punches in reporting the news while an expat in Japan
  12. Donald Sutherland – Actor & Anti-war Activist; for resigning from his Huffington Post writing position and publicly withdrawing his support for Obama

  13. Severn Cullis-Suzuki – Environmental Activist and (less sensationalist) daughter of David Suzuki
  14. Robert Menard – Freeman on the Land & Legal Consultant; for being a shit-disturber extraordinaire, although I couldn’t put him on the list because of some claims have gotten people in trouble with the law
  15. Jordan Breen – MMA reporter for; for dedication to the sport of combat, a less violent alternative than war… imagine if the world’s leaders just got into the octagon to settle disputes rather than sending young people off to die

A big congratulations and thank you is very much in order for these fine Canadians and their respective contributions. Hats off, and…



Lastly, here’s a video on the founding of Canada’s national flag and iconic symbol, the Maple Leaf:


Happy Canada Day everyone!



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