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The Beginning of the next-generation of BCmoney

Posted by bryan on January 5, 2011 in E-Commerce with No Comments

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This is the first post of the new year, and we’ve got some exciting news…

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As promised, we’re continuing development of the BCmoney MobileTV platform and concept, only under a new domain. We can’t give too many specific details, but we can say that we’ll be integrating some of the best open web projects out there into the new platform.

It will be built on the following three core technologies:

  1. Content Aggregation & Discovery service (ActivityStreams + oEmbed)
  2. Trusted Recommendation Engine (WebID + OpenRecommender)
  3. Digital Cash Micropayments (BitCoin + PaySwarm)

One of the most exciting topics on our radar for 2011 is “Crowdfunding“, or the financing of interesting and innovative projects by the community, rather than through a single investment firm or bank loan. Speaking of interesting projects, one content aggregation service we’ll be implementing in the new BCmoney will be OMP3. Also sure to deliver interesting innovations in mobile web application development will be jQuery Mobile.

Stay tuned, its sure to be an exciting year!