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Owen Ryuto Copeland born

Posted by bryan on February 10, 2010 in Uncategorized with No Comments

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A very special welcome today goes out to Owen Ryuto Copeland, the newest and youngest member of the BCmoney family.

At approximately 6:48am JST this morning on Fe, Owen Ryuto Copeland was born a VERY healthy 3.75 kilograms (8 pounds 5 ounces) to Bryan Copeland and Nana (Kurata) Copeland. He was delivered safely at the neo-natal unit in the Sagamihara National Hospital, Kanagawa-ken, Japan after he struggled heroically along with his mother through 32 hours of labour and pre-birthing pains leading up to the 80 minutes spent in the delivery room.

Rockin’ the shades:

sunglasses in the morning...

Bad to the Bone

A video shot from outside the delivery room is privately available to friends and family exclusively (click on the image above… but you will need to login first or it will prompt you to).

Wishing you the best… more pictures and videos to come as soon as Owen’s in the mood!

UPDATE (2010-07-20): For the latest photos, check out the official BCmoney image gallery