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Running in the Olympic Torch Relay

Posted by bryan on November 24, 2009 in Philanthropy with No Comments

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Bryan Copeland (of Moncton, NB) receives the torch from CTV reporter Liz Rigney (of Halifax, NS)

Today something strange happened…

The full list of runners for the Moncton-to-Saint John leg of the maritime Olympic Torch Relay was listed and – for better or worse – my name was on it. Turns out I was chosen to run in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Torch Relay by RBC’s Carry the Torch competition.

It’s not like it was for anything particularly miraculous, simply one of those contests I’ve often heard about, occasionally bothered to enter, and never won. In the online application form (which I was urged to go home and fill out by the business account manager who I had seen earlier that day at an RBC branch), I was asked what I had done for my country in the past, and what my plans were for the coming year.

I can’t remember exactly what I put, but the BS factory must have been firing on all cylinders… something about previous charitable organizations I’ve contributed to, or, organized events for, along with a penchant for supporting open source software development and open web projects in general must have struck a chord with someone (that, or a more likely explanation, that I won a draw/lottery of some kind).

The Olympic Cauldron as shot through the origi...

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In addition, I do remember saying that in 2009-2010 I’d do everything I could to ensure more University students get placements in the Federal government project I’m currently working on. Well, at least two did; mostly because of the requirements and immense scope-creep (like hitting a moving target) coupled with pleas from the only two full-time developers, but only one stayed on full-time. It’s better than nothing I suppose…

In any event, I’ll be running up the entrance into Fundy Park in the Alma/Hillsborough area. While it’s not a long run (5km), I’d better go for a few runs to get in shape first nonetheless.

UPDATE (2009-11-25):

A nice article summarizing the day’s festivities was written in the Times & Transcript today. I could be seen for a very brief instant way off in the distance (my less than seconds of not so much fame, at 01:14-01:18) in the official Day 26 video, running up the hill into Fundy Park:
Torch Relay – Day 26: Video recap



The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay rolled through New Brunswick November 23rd-25th, 2009.


P.S. I must have misread the fine-print, I got to carry the torch for a whopping 0.5km, not 5km… so the preparation was all for naught. At least I was able to boldly take the most uphill part of the run, a consolation prize. All said though, it was a nice little event that really involved the whole community. Hats off to everyone who organized, especially the lucky co-ordinators who get to travel with the Torch cross-country from Vancouver to the east coast and back again. These 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia will be memorable indeed…


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