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XmasListz – A Facebook app for Holiday Wish-lists

Posted by bryan on November 1, 2008 in AJAX, E-Commerce, PHP, Web Services with No Comments

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Announcing the release of a Facebook App for XmasListz (formerly had its own site at now only available at, a wish-list web application originally created on the Java platform using JSP and Servlets, now ported to PHP/AJAX and running on the Facebook Apps platform.
XmasListz - Facebook App

It is my first Facebook Application and depending on its success or (imminent) failure, probably my last!
Check it out at:


The application integrates the Amazon Product API with the Facebook API and uses the latest jQuery and CSS3 tricks for creating dynamic and interactive list effects for its search results, showing a nice horizontally scrolling widget for just about any product name. When I was first throwing this together, I was sure it would be an overnight sensation like some other success stories on Facebook Apps, but after the first 72 hours and merely 12 close personal friends or family adding the app, only time will tell.

I won’t hold my breath!