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Supporting oAuth

Posted by bcmoney on September 3, 2008 in Web Services with No Comments

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Ever heard the saying “don’t be too open minded, or else your brains might leak out”?

Well we’re heading this advice as we consider the slew of “open” technologies out there claiming to streamline, secure, and otherwise improve the user experience with web applications and services.The next service we’ll be evaluating is oAuth, and support will likely be added very soon. A demo of oAuth is included below for you to test and see how it makes the integration of different sites even more convenient.

As the amount of content grows along with the number of users and services on BCmoney though, we do see the need to support the best open formats and initiatives early on. As such, we will be adding support for oAuth to our APIs.


oAuth works alongside other open authentication/identification services such as OpenID, in order to provide you access to your favorite websites and to enable seamless integrations between Bcmoney and your other favorite services.


Check out a Demo of the Data Portability possibilities of supporting oAuth below:




Here’s a presentation nicely summarizing the oAuth protocol flow and how it enables information sharing:




Another useful resourcefor understanding how the OAuth 1.0a protocol works is the 4-part OAuth Guide by Eran Hammer-Lehav, in particular check out the Signing OAuth Authorization Requests step-by-step tool in part 4.