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NEW FACEBOOK?!? A Twist of F8s

Posted by bryan on July 15, 2008 in E-Business, E-Commerce, Web Services with No Comments

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If you were on Facebook at all this past Monday, July 15th… you may have noticed a surprising new interface. As I mentioned on Revyu today, I think the latest updates to Facebook were indeed Microsoft-inspired evil.

Alot of application developers will surely leave Facebook now, since their applications have been taken out of the spotlight. On the positive side, that may remove alot of the clutter, as Facebook seems to be going back to its original premise of being a place to keep track of your friends.

Just like Beacon, I think Zuckerber is dropping the ball on this one by not consulting with App developers/users first, and I expect there to be some backlash as a result.

What this clearly does though, is frees up more premium Ad space for Facebook and Microsoft’s little Ad partnership monster to sell to would-be advertisers, and puts so little emphasis on the applications that the Third Party developers may not be able to survive, despite the quality of their apps.

Ironically enough, this echoes the situation Apple faced when Micrsoft’s Windows Operating System took off because it was more open and allowed independent developers to create applications to run on Windows which could be sold for-profit, all at no cost to the developer. Now we see a reverse of fates as the new proposed design and layout of Facebook clearly boots the developers off center stage and effectively taxes them for their app; all this while Apple continues to open its iPhone platform (said to be a potential threat to Facebook with its photo & video sharing, not to mention SMS text message, voice and email messaging capabilities.

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