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But which one was HE??? The Master, or The Apprentice?

Posted by bryan on July 1, 2008 in E-Business with No Comments

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This week Bill Gates formally retired as CEO of Microsoft. This article by Times online sums it up nicely, plus a video from Gates himself, CNET gives a more complete look. While this could be one of the most monumental turns in the Technology sector since Microsoft first “aggressively” acquired the DOS base for their operating system in 1981 and began the Gates empire, it also means that there will be, as Gates puts it himself, a “vaccuum created in his absence”.

How Microsoft positions itself to fill the void left by the hard-lined business leader-turned philanthropist remains to be seen, but if early reports are accurate despite his best efforts of going off quietly into the night without a hitch over a 2 year period, Gates seems to be leaving the company in somewhat of a chaotic state. They continue to wrestle in a losing battle with Google for online Search and Advertising Market Share, and face increasing fragmentation internally, leading to confusion over the future direction of the company.

The biggest question that remains unanswered now that Gates is effectively gone, is “which one was destroyed, was it the Master or the Apprentice?” Gates’ longtime partner in crime, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, will be taking full reigns over the company and has already discussed his future plans for the destruction of Google. Either way, Gates leaves the Business and Developer community alike with several lessons, TechCrunch covered 5 of the key lessons.

Lastly, comes our new “favorite topic”… the increasingly monopolistic and innovation-killing Canadian Mobile industry. It seems as though Canadian Mobile Network Operator (and Digital Entertainment/Services provider) Rogers has lashed out against another petition against them, over at:

The site was offline on Canada Day (July 1st, 2008), but by June 29th had already accumulated over 15,000 signatures in its first week, as reported by CNN and CBC. Last I checked it was at 16,074 concerned and angry Canadians.

You can see the Cache of the article here

Similar petitions exist at:


(Also since removed)