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They must think we’re stupid?!?

Posted by bryan on March 7, 2008 in E-Business, Mobile with No Comments

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Apple today, announced that they will be teaming up with John Doerr, a wealthy venture capitalist from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, to establish a $100 million USD Venture Capital fund for iPhone entrepreneurs.


Wow, hurray… YEAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SNAP-IT TO A SLIM JIM, FOR SHITS SAK E I’m gonna run out and buy an iPhone RIGHT NOW so I can start developing, WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In an attempt to remain totally objective, this one almost hurts me its so blatantly obvious, but I digress, here are the details. Doerr, a longtime Apple fanboy and major stock holder has a vested interest in the sales of the iPhone. If he’s so into cool phones that are opening up their platform and connecting people, why didn’t he:

  • Donate to the struggling OpenMoko project?
  • Not support even Google’s Android platform, which was already announced a long time ago and was open in the first place??
  • In the name of d’a holy mother’s teet, why didn’t he DONATE THAT MONEY TO A THIRD WORLD NATION, it might not be billions, but still, with that money spent the right way on youth & education, you could probably change the course of an entire generation’s future… for a WHOLE country. Pick one! Instead, it will go towards further enriching Silicon Valley snobs who don’t want to get a real job, all so we can get more thumb-numbingly stupid games, or cat meme generators…

Hey, bet you could even produce some damn good “modular/component-replacable” iPhone developers in the process, and truly open the platform up as OpenMoko are trying to do.

But NO… he DIDN’T do that. Instead, he elected to donate the money exclusively to iPhone developers (i.e. for the most part people who still live in their parent’s basement and don’t have many worries in terms of where their next meal’s coming from anyway). And for what? To develop more trite, meaningless “Social Applications”? Maybe build the next data-hungry social media monster for mobile? Yeah, that’ll solve ALL the world’s problems, and won’t create ANY more. Good one. Oh, and there’s just one little thing… that’s of course, the catch. There’s always a catch. This time, to avoid the app onslaught that suffered Facebook as it introduced its open Facebook Developer API back in 2007, Doerr and Jobs will handpick only those applications that they deem “monetizable”, and not those that are merely “useful”.

Well, this all reflects back to my previous posts about a company trying to get YOU to do THEIR work for them. $100 Million USD may sound like alot to you, but guess what, its not! Apple’s projected to make just under 100 times that on 3G iPhone and iPod Touch salesalone. What’s more suspicious is the seemingly voluntary nature of the offer. He just loves iPhone and Apple right? Wrong. He’s a VC, and they never give away more money than they think they can earn back. As a major shareholder in Apple, Doerr serves to profit from the iPhone’s success and cash in on any increase in Apple’s valuation. So the point is, the moment you sign on as a dedicated iPhone developer you are their (KPCB mostly, but also indirectly Apple’s) asset (and effectively, slave). You may produce a brilliant-looking, schnazzy application, with all the bells and whistles one can expect from their pretty, personalized, utopian online social world.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, our planet is degrading by the day, as is your body while you sit at home shut away in some dark, dank room programming your latest iPhone “moneymaker”.

Develop for a platform if you want to and have CLEAR GOALS in doing so, and NOT, because someone offers you a small chance at funds (like a lottery ticket, just as much chance as being struck by lightning) for doing so. I’ve learned this the hard way over the past couple years, so please do excuse me if I seem harsh in my assessment.

I’m constantly working on developing the BC$ services to be extremely mobile, however iPhone will be relatively low on my priorities list compared to developing proper xHTML Basic. xHTML Mobile Profile, and yes, as sad as it may sound in 2008, even WAP open standards-based mobile services first in order to be able to serve 3GP mobile streams to the rest of the world.

The YouTubes and iPhones of the world will surely have already beaten me to the first-world markets anyway.