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They just don’t get it!!!

Posted by bryan on February 29, 2008 in E-Business with No Comments

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Hillarious post earlier this week from Marc Andreessen’s blog: pmarca
Apparently ABC thinks we’re all idiots, as his headline reads.

They (the big content production companies and broadcasters) have no idea of the value of viewer’s time today… and for reason’s beyond our comprehension, instead of finding ways to serve content more conveniently, they are trying to block tools already in use by consumers to make their lives more convenient. Smooth move guys, we’re sure it’ll work out just swell on the long-term…

Especially as users are gaining more and more knowledge of how to circumvent broadcasters altogether. Thinly veiled as “opening their content” in fact this effort proves they are trying yet again to put up a “transaparent wall” around their content and find new ways of bombarding viewers with inconvenient ads, and not allowing them to be skipped.

This week’s MediaPost big headlines attempted to dig into what’s missing in this middle.
Speaking of not quite getting it, a big announcement this week was Google’s long-awaited foray into Video Advertising (with both online and TV-based), pushing their (acquired) AdSense and (original) AdWords Contextual Advertising technologies.

The impact these announcements will have on existing Ad models (and budgets) remains unclear. To us, the answer is clear, however. Looking back at our post on: “Pipes“, you’ll be able to have a much clearer picture of what we’re talking about, and working on.

BC$ = Behavior, Content, Money

The goal of the BC$ project is to raise awareness and make changes with respect to the three pillars of information freedom - Behavior (pursuit of interests and passions), Content (sharing/exchanging ideas in various formats), Money (fairness and accessibility) - bringing to light the fact that:

1. We regularly hand over our browser histories, search histories and daily online activities to companies that want our money, or, to benefit from our use of their services with lucrative ad deals or sales of personal information.

2. We create and/or consume interesting content on their services, but we aren't adequately rewarded for our creative efforts or loyalty.

3. We pay money to be connected online (and possibly also over mobile), yet we lose both time and money by allowing companies to market to us with unsolicited advertisements, irrelevant product offers and unfairly structured service pricing plans.

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