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4 Mondays…

Posted by bcmoney on February 24, 2008 in E-Business with 3 Comments

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Mobile Monday Peer Awards - Tokyo

Just 4 Mondays to go…

That’s right, just 4 to go between now and the Tokyo MobileMonday Peer Awards & Business Plan Competition, taking place on Monday, March 24th in Harajuku.

On Monday, February 18th, 2008 at the first official (non-shinnenkai drinking party that is) MobileMonday event in Tokyo, BC$ MobileTV was officially offered a position to speak at the Tokyo MobileMonday Peer Awards.

We consider this a great honor and will do our best to represent our country, our company, our idea, and most importantly ourselves.

During the competition we will be given the stage for a total of 3 minutes, with the objective of convincing the panel of judges that we are somehow worthy of one of the 3 spots to go to the final round for Asia-Pacific, which will ultimately decide who goes to Malaysia for the Global Mobile Summit.

We hope our new and by times *questionable* ideas will somehow be well received. The competition will be stiff, so we’ll be putting everything we’ve got into the Business Plan and Technology… expect LOTS of updates and changes over the next few weeks, but (sadly) few posts, while we focus our efforts on creating a truly innovative service that can realize our vision for online and mobile video.

Some good luck wishes, positive encouragement, or last-minute advice would be much appreciated…


For full details of the competition, check out: