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CNSR 2008…We’re in!!!

Posted by bcmoney on February 1, 2008 in Semantic Web with 1 Comment

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BC$ was officially offered a place to speak at the CNSR 2008 Conference on Communication Networks and Services Research to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia from May 5th-8th at the Lord Nelson Hotel (details).

This means that we will be able to proposition some leading Academics in the fields of Networking, Services and other areas of Computer Science to get behind the research already going into BC$ as a platform for Online Video Recommendation Services.

In order to be selected, a paper entitled “The Semantics of MobileTV” was submitted in the 11th hour, just in time to be reviewed by the (extended) deadline on December 21st, 2007.
(UPDATED 2008-08-01: to add link to my first ever IEEE Publication)

We consider this a small, but necessary victory in the realization of BC$’s vision for an open, trust-based approach to online video recommendation.


CNSR 2008