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Denzel said it best!

Posted by bcmoney on January 8, 2008 in E-Business with No Comments

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Well we’re into the New Year now, and we know we’ve promised you big things from BC$ for 2008. So we’ve established a release date for our first Alpha. Expect an Alpha launch on March 1st, 2008!

In the meantime, the writer’s strike rages on, and the effects continue to be felt in both Television and the Motion Pictures industry. The latest headlines debate the fate of awards shows, and the prospects look dim as the Actor’s Guild is fully supporting the Writer’s Guild’s strike. In a recent interview, prospective Best-Actor nominee and a favorite to win, Denzel Washington, put it best, saying:

“The writers deserve to get their slice” … “If the studios (are) making money on something that the writer wrote and the actor acted in and the director directed, then those people deserve to make money too.”

The full article is available here:

Can the Golden Globes and other Hollywood awards shows still shine …

An now we’re back at it… stay tuned for lots of updates on our progress!