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We are not alone!

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Togetherness seems to be the underlying theme of the ongoing struggle between the WGA and the Entertainment industry. We want each and every one of the striking writers out there to know that we support you, 100%. We hope that you do not give in to the pressures applied by the powers that be, and that you can some day receive the renumeration that you deserve from the industry. It’s a matter of principle, and this is why you fight.

We also want to remind writers that in this digital era where consumer electronics have become increasingly advanced, professional editing and production software has become increasingly accessible, and the web has enabled sharing of content at an unprecedented scale through social networks and multimedia streaming, you truly have the bargaining chip in this debate. As such, we encourage struggling writers who are heavily effected by the dispute to seek out and utilize online video services as an outlet for their creative abilities. Please, SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH THE WORLD! We are here for you, as always, and are no less interested in viewing and making use of the content you create.

Striking Writers Take Logical Next Step: Web Shows
You are not alone, we salute you!

It doesn’t just have to be through BCmoney either, even if its just your own personal blog, a videocast you’ve started, independent writers’ effort Funny-or-Die, YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Amazon Unbox, AOL video, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Veoh, Brightcove or any number of the other major online video service offerings. We urge you to continue to put your creative content out there, by any means necessary! Keeping your talents inside would be the biggest shame of all.

On our end BCmoney is ever working to ensure that you will have a fair and equitable system at your disposal for online content distribution. We are working along with academics in the field of analyzing social networks and the relationships between them and content consumption. If all goes as intended, we will have a platform through which you can be renumerated appropriately for your content, whether that be based on the number of views or the scale of the distribution, the number of times it is shared, or, the number of times it creates revenues for advertisers. To all the academics out there studying Semantic Web technologies or analyzing social networks, keep up the good work, you are indirectly helping us to reach our ultimate goal.

On Facebook, Scholars Link Up With Data
We are not alone, you are helping us and you don’t even know it!

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