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Leaving Sony and Japan

Posted by bryan on November 1, 2007 in E-Learning with No Comments

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It’s a bittersweet victory as I reach the end of my internship with Sony and thus complete this chapter of my Japan adventure.

I’ve really enjoyed my time here thoroughly though its gone entirely too fast; and while I’m eager to get home and see friends and family I’ve barely been able to keep in touch with, at the same time, I fully expect to experience the reverse culture shock that comes with returning to your home country after spending more than a year abroad. I’ll be holed up in Toronto for the first few weeks at least, to help me transition from big city life of Tokyo back to the quiet (yet drunken & rowdy some weekends) east coast lifestyle.

I’m happy to be on my way back to Canada, however I do have a sense of remorse or a slight feeling of leaving something behind unfulfilled. I feel like I’ll be back to Japan in the not too distant future, especially to pursue a business idea I have related to my thesis.

I’ve made some great friends and lasting memories here, so I’d like to thank IUJ, Niigata and the country of Japan! So to everyone I say not sayonara, just see you later!

UPDATE: The whole amazing journey was documented via Kodak Galleries (a painfully Web1.0 Photo Sharing tool) in full detail and sent around to several of my closest contacts (the level of detail added I’m sure was both interesting and annoying by times). You can see an archive here but sadly Kodak Galleries removed my photo albums because I wouldn’t buy print copies of them. At least I could export to Multiply in time.

Bryan’s Japan Adventure