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Internship at SONY

Posted by bryan on August 31, 2007 in E-Business with No Comments

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Interesting news to report.

As a result of the good work my project team and I did on the “SONY 3-IT” project, we’ve all been offered Internship placements. Not to sound boastful, its important to note the excellent work by the runner-up Mobile Gaming team also earned them placements. In total, 8 people were offered an internship just because of the New Product Development course by Dr. Philip Sugai at IUJ; with more to potentially come. The positions will vary in time and location and NDAs are in place all around, so all I can mention is that each of us will essentially just be continuing our previous research projects and digging deeper towards actionable recommendations for SONY IT investment in Research & Design initiatives.

We’ve at least been told that our projects will be used for establishing the next roadmap for real SONY products. The game team likely affecting future generations of the Playstation and PSP lines and our IT team likely affecting future versions of TVs, Computers and Software Portals.

Personally, I’ve earned a Research Assistant internship position at SONY HQ in the so-called “Sony City” sector where Sony owns about 12 major office buildings and employs about 20000+ people. I’ll be reporting directly to Gordon Hyland the Chief Strategist in the Technology Strategy Department within the CTO’s Office. We had a chance to meet the CTO of SONY, Mr. Izumi Kawanishi (san). He told us he is eager to see the projects come to fruition so he can take the company in a new direction as they seek to stop a recent downturn in sales and profits as they undergo massive restructuring and a “re-birth” to be viewed once again as the most innovative technology company in the world.

Again, I can’t mention much of what they are working on towards that re-defining, but they are not that interested in playing catch-up with Web 2.0 technologies, rather, they are interested in predicting what the next generation of Web 3.0 technologies will look like and making innovative strides towards it with products and services that demonstrate that SONY is not just keeping up with the technology trends but ahead of the curve.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to get a chance to work at a major technology company like Sony with such a rich history in product innovation and serving millions upon millions of customers in an extremely broad range of product lines. I’m not sure where I’ll be setup or how long I’ll get the chance to stay (as my student visa only allows 3 months after completion of my degree at IUJ), but I will start out working remotely with weekly check-in meetings to be done out of the research buildings, and our final presentation at the Sony headquarters (1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo 108-0075).


A big thank you to Gordan Hyland and Helmut Wenisch as well as the SONY company for believing in our team and supporting IUJ students and programs in general!