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Hello Internet!

Posted by bryan on May 29, 2006 in E-Business, E-Commerce, E-Learning with No Comments

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This is my first official blog post, in what’s sure to be a very sporadic (in terms of both post frequency and topics) effort to share some information and insight with the rest of the world.

Who knows exactly what I will “blog” about but it is trendy and hip in the IT world, and thus as a programmer/developer if you want to get a job and be employable and not live the rest of your days alone in your parents’ basement coding Nintendo emulators with your overpriced University Computer Science degree, you MUST do it, right? Most likely Blogs like the whole Web2.0 buzzword is just another fad, but what’s definitely not a fad is the fact that people can share information directly, freely and openly with one another in an unprecedented manner, thanks to the Internet and World Wide Web. Thus its with a most humble feeling of respect and gratitude to the many who have made these technologies possible that I give my thanks and offer to do my best to do you justice by building my own vision of technology, in a helping and supporting role rather than a demanding and time-consuming role in our everyday lives.

As I go along blogging as it were, I’ll probably tend more towards the technical, due to my chosen area of study and background; however, thanks to my E-Commerce degree (yes, I finally graduated wooot VICTORY LAP!!!) I’m getting more and more interested in Entrepreneurial pursuits and the real business processes and interactions that take technology beyond the “interesting” phase, to create not only a business but an entire value chain that drives the business to succeed.

So long story short, if all goes as planned, I’ll probably learn more about the rest of the world than I’ll share, but hey that’s the nature of the beast and if I can give back just a portion of what I’ve accumulated in this noggin’ of mine thanks to similar efforts by people from all over the world, then it will be mission accomplished for me!