Chris Hadfield - Space Oddity 05:31

Chris Hadfield - Space Oddity

2514 views, 1957 days ago

International Space Station Commander, Chris Hadfield, performs a revised version of David Bowies Space Oddity. Seen in this video is the Larrive Parlor guitar that has found it's home on the ISS fo...

Sirius Documentary (TRAILER) 02:07

Sirius Documentary (TRAILER)

3114 views, 2440 days ago

Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the worldwide Disclosure Movement and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is working with Emmy award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka and his tea...

Japanese Remote Control Spherical Drone 02:45

Japanese Remote Control Spherical Drone

2589 views, 2887 days ago

Slightly more sinister than yesterday's cute and fuzzy "air swimmers", is this ...

Saber Rider And the Star Sheriffs - Pilot (S01E01) 22:30

Saber Rider And the Star Sheriffs - Pilot (S01E01)

3015 views, 3145 days ago

Saber Rider Pilot: Season 01, Episode 01

Rating: TV-Y7 | Genre: Western, Sci-Fi, Anime, Action | Released: 1987


Soylent Green (1973) 01:36:43

Soylent Green (1973)

3180 views, 3274 days ago

Soylent Green is a 1973 Science Fiction film about a future dystopia where humans are cannibals (and don't even know it). <...

Pokmon Apoklypse: Live Action Trailer 02:51

Pokmon Apoklypse: Live Action Trailer

4268 views, 3277 days ago

The movie anime fans the world over have been waiting for... live action Pokmon.

(Note: this is a fan-film only, more info at:

Star Wars - Clone Wars (s04e17) 22:41

Star Wars - Clone Wars (s04e17)

4970 views, 3366 days ago

Star Wars - Clone Wars (season 04, episode 17)

Watch the whole season at:

We Are Star Stuff (Carl Sagan's Cosmos) 08:08

We Are Star Stuff (Carl Sagan's Cosmos)

1482 views, 3435 days ago

Carl Sagan's description of how we evolved from "Star Stuff" and are on our journey to go back to our origin - in the Stars. From "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage" episode 8, "Journeys in Space and Time"...

Transformers - Sea Change (s02e53) 22:45

Transformers - Sea Change (s02e53)

3025 views, 3469 days ago

Season 2 Episode 53... The Transformers meet Sea Spray

G-Speak makes Minority Report interface come to life 03:06

G-Speak makes Minority Report interface come to life

1568 views, 3485 days ago

The project was started in stealth mode. It was uncovered in November 2008 as Oblong Industries and their clients were several governments, including the United States. They are developing a ...

Droid Rage 09:50

Droid Rage

2156 views, 3495 days ago

First animated short by amateur 3d film maker Ken Dunn offers an explanation of how the Empire tracked down those rebels with the stolen plans. All original models, sets, animation, and score make ...

He-Man - Origin Of The Sorceress (s02e08) 22:42

He-Man - Origin Of The Sorceress (s02e08)

4573 views, 3573 days ago

He-Man Season 2 - Episode 8:

The Magnificent Universe 03:33

The Magnificent Universe

962 views, 3576 days ago

The Magnificent UniversernrnInteresting learning:rnrn-Fibonacci Sequencern-The Golden Ratiorn-Cymaticsrn-Fractal Universern-Saturn Hexagonrn-Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Robot Walks Like Human 01:14

Robot Walks Like Human

2592 views, 3607 days ago

Every step it takes is one step closer to robot apocalypse. How about we stop inventing things that will some day rise up and kill us, scientists? Don't you guys watch movies? If anyone needs me, I...

iPhone Costume raises the bar 00:30

iPhone Costume raises the bar

3189 views, 3613 days ago

TAMPA, FLA., Raising the bar for geeky fanboy Halloween costumes, Reko Rivera (Left) John Savio (Right) -- World\'s first award winning \"working\" iPhone costume created by Reko Rivera and John Sa...

Knowledge Navigator (1987) 05:45

Knowledge Navigator (1987)

10559 views, 3622 days ago

Apple's Knowledge Navigator concept video (1987) by Allan Kay and team. This work builds on Kay's original Dynabook concept developed at Xerox PARC in the early 1970s.

Also check out...

EPIC 2015 08:33

EPIC 2015

1705 views, 3626 days ago

This is actually the remastered version of the original EPIC 2014 - Googlezon

EPIC stands for Evolving Persona...

Nasa to Blow Up the Moon 04:04

Nasa to Blow Up the Moon

3513 views, 3631 days ago

"In early October, the spacecraft will send a heavy rocket crashing into the moon's south polar region on a mission to find water that could support future crews bound for Mars. With its mission fi...

Touchable Hologram 02:37

Touchable Hologram

1409 views, 3681 days ago

We will present "Touchable Holography" atrnSIGGRAPH 2009 Emerging Technologies. By The University of Tokyo's

'Tron' Comic-Con Footage 02:29

'Tron' Comic-Con Footage

2546 views, 3706 days ago

Jeff Bridges returns as Kevin Flynn in this first look at the long-awaited sequel.

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