Baby hates Miley Cyrus 00:47

Baby hates Miley Cyrus

2285 views, 4227 days ago

This baby is wise beyond her years, and has good taste in music too...

Short Circuitz - Breaking The Ice 02:30

Short Circuitz - Breaking The Ice

2974 views, 4345 days ago

The Mind's Eye: "Stanley & Stella in Breaking The Ice" (alt. name 'Love Found') Radio Shack VHS Edit 1992.Music by James Reynolds. A spectacular computer-animated odyssey through time, combined ...

Short Circuitz - More Bells and Whistles 02:15

Short Circuitz - More Bells and Whistles

2250 views, 4345 days ago

This is Wayne Lytle's More Bells and Whistles. He created it in 1990, long before his famous Animusic DVDs. This video was also used as part of YTV's "Short Circutz" in the mid '90s. I captured thi...

Short Circuitz - Night Magic 02:09

Short Circuitz - Night Magic

3724 views, 4345 days ago

This is the animated short Night Magic from Miramar's Imaginaria. It was also among the shorts to air as part of YTV's Short Circutz in the mid 90s. if you're wondering about the quality, there'...

The Pyramid (Short Circuitz) 02:40

The Pyramid (Short Circuitz)

3009 views, 4489 days ago

YTV aired these animated shorts back in the early to mid-'90s

Charlie the Unicorn 3 05:57

Charlie the Unicorn 3

6932 views, 4577 days ago

Charlie and his friends are on a mission to save the world!


New Donkey Bike 00:48

New Donkey Bike

2273 views, 4708 days ago

This guy was so excited to get his new bicycle for Christmas he ran right outside to give it a try! (your blinkers on buddy!)

Pachyderm Picasso - Part 2 03:19

Pachyderm Picasso - Part 2

3124 views, 4801 days ago

Another look at the unbelievable Pachyderm Picassos of Northern Thailand.

OWLS 01:06


2399 views, 4848 days ago

wow... that's all I have to say. Somehow this odd video has gone viral and hit the millions.

Everyone is fond of owls From Weebls-Stuff

Charlie the Unicorn 2 06:00

Charlie the Unicorn 2

6242 views, 4882 days ago

Charlie's friends return to bring him on another magical adventure! CHARLIE STORE: DOWNLOAD THE SONG as well as watch a high-quality version on FilmC...

Elephant Paints Self Portrait 08:28

Elephant Paints Self Portrait

3154 views, 4955 days ago

An elephant name Paya paints a self-portrait in this amazing video from an Elephant Reserve in Northern Thailand

Stay Alert Stay Safe (Bert & Gert) 00:31

Stay Alert Stay Safe (Bert & Gert)

5146 views, 4993 days ago

Here is the first of a series of 1990s PSAs featuring the 2 "hip" rabbits talking about safety. Basically introductory stuff.

Charlie-Candy Mountain 03:45

Charlie-Candy Mountain

5402 views, 5007 days ago

Charlie the unicorn goes on a magical adventure to candy mountain

YTV Short Circutz: Styro the Dog 00:47

YTV Short Circutz: Styro the Dog

12436 views, 5007 days ago

Remember these? Short Circutz from the Mind's Eye featured on YTV.

YTV Short Circutz: Digital Duck Room 01:39

YTV Short Circutz: Digital Duck Room

4219 views, 5007 days ago

Classic YTV shorts! Enjoy!

YTV Short Circutz: Jack and the Bee 01:07

YTV Short Circutz: Jack and the Bee

3569 views, 5007 days ago

Anybody remember these from the good old days of YTV?

The Hauntening 01:20

The Hauntening

2669 views, 5007 days ago

Waverly films clip of the week.

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